Friday, March 14, 2008

Leo's Big Tumble

I was at work for only about 30 min. when I received a phone call from Leo. Apparently Leo was sitting in a chair reading a book when he stood up and the next thing he is aware, he is lying face down on the ground. Eric, our son who lives with us, heard a thump and came out to investigate the noise. He found Leo on the ground snoring. He shook Leo's shoulder and asked him if he was okay..."ugh huh" you want me to call the paramedics?..."ugh ugh" you want me to leave you to sleep?..."ugh huh". So Eric left him alone. Leo must have gotten up and taken a shower then called me. He came out of the bedroom with rug burns, abrasions and bruising all over his face. His glasses were bent, the glass popped out of the frame. He doesn't remember falling. Mom, who also lives with us, took him to urgent care which took all day. The doctors did a CAT scan and found nothing abnormal. The doctors say that he might have had a petit mal (seizure), and could have a small concussion. He is not allowed to drive for the next few days. The doctors say he may have some blurred vision, and dizziness. Each day the bruises will deepen untill they start fading away. Check out his face!


Anonymous said...

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Sharon said... I have an issue with Eric leaving Dad face down on the ground. Dad is not the kind of guy I would expect to be "napping" on the ground. I am glad Grandma was there to watch out for him.