Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gift Wish List

So I have been tagged, huh? Well, I caught the jest of what is happening but I don't know the ins & outs of word verification & deleting comments etc. Sharon has an awful lot to teach me when I get out to GA next week.

Gift Wish List

1. New shoes for my husband Leo. He wears orthotic shoes which cost more than your average "expensive" shoes. He only has the 1 pair of shoes & he has worn these for probably over 10 years. Last I remember he got them when we lived in Modesto.

2. A "red hat" Victorian Ball gown with hat & bling

3. I want to go on a "Red Hat Society" convention. Paying $400-$900 for an convention might be reasonalbe with everything you get for the money, but not for my pocket book. I guess I'll just have to plan ahead.

4. Deseret Books, Seagull Books, Ensign Books, store gift certificate of several hundred dollars. I have several series of books but they're not complete. I just want to go into the bookstore and not count how much it all is when I get done.

5. I want to stop working, be independently wealthy, so I can play, play, play.


Sharon said...

What book series do you have that you are working on?
Independently wealthy?? Well when you figure that one out...Let me know.
Victorian Ball Gown, huh? Well -- I guess it suits your eclectic personality.

Anonymous said...