Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catching up to do

There's been so much going on this past month that I am just now catching my breath. June was a busy month with all the family goings-on. Sharon came out to California with her two children, Nicholas, age 8, and Emilia, age 6. They out in the south-eastern states. They flew to LAX from Atlanta arriving on Sat. June 7th. The trip was uneventful if you describe spilling orange juice on both mother and daughter as a normal event for the day. Sunday we went to church and then had a picnic in Heritage Park, Cerritos, Ca. It was a revisit back from when my husband Leo and I had our first outing, can't really call it a date with 7 children tagging along. Lots has changed over the last 25 years. The trees are a lot bigger, good for climbing by my grandaughter, Emila. There used to be only one way on and off the island which made it pretty secure to let your kids run wild over there. Now there are many different ways but then the buildings have been renovated to include climbing structures and activities in what were once just empty buildings. It sort of saddens me because it seems we have taken away some of the imaginination that was needed to explore the island. The playground was still cool.
On Monday, June10th we left to go camping for the week. I've never gone camping for a whole week before so I was real excited. It was soooo...much better than just a weekend. Of course, we had my sister Kathy, Sharon, Emilia, Nicholas, my husband Leo and myself all together so that made it so much funner!

We camped in a spot just east of the city of Julian, Ca. famous for it's apples. We walked through town on Tuesday exploring the candy stores and looking at all the tourist gegaws. We brought home Cherry-Apple cider to have with lunch. Yummy!
The campground had horseshoes, tennis, fishing, swimming, jacuzi, horseback riding, recreation center, campstore, playgrounds, tetherball and a kids club. Can you guess what the kids liked best? The kids club of course because it had painting, arts & crafts and video games. My favorite part was the smores. My least favorite happened Wednesday night. I woke up haven fallen off my air mattress (twin bed high), trapped in my sleeping bag between the mattress & the tent side. I hollered for Leo to help, and then heard the tent zipper. "Leo, I'm INSIDE the tent!" I yelled. He pulled me up and I painfully went to back to sleep. No bruises showed up and at this time, a whole month later, still haven't but the pain is still with me every time I make a sudden move or lie down. At least the pain has stopped for this last week when I walked. For more pictures and other information, go to:

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Sharon said...

Great Update Mom! I need to get the pictures you have, especially the swimming ones.